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Adrian Russell, Director of Diversity at a prominate construction company in Indianapolis, IN - Shiel Sexton, started Russell's Building Camp with a very specific purpose in mind. "I wanted to change the way kids view the notion of working with their hands." The camp is trying to find a way to make construction connect with this next generation. And it's clear that goal is being realized more and more with each camp that's executed. 

The mission of Russell's Building Camp is to provide youth of every age with life-changing experiences through learning to use their hands and minds to create and build! Builders are taught to utilize these skills and give back to the community while they forge new paths for their future. "Anything that you envision, you're capable of creating," Russell said. "We are all building in life, it doesn't have to be brick and mortar. The principles of building inspire everything I do and all that I aspire to do in life, and I want to share those principles with as many young people as possible," he explained. 

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